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A rising tide...
After assessing small warehousing outfits, huge healthcare organizations, mom and pop shops, municipalities, and financial institutions, we learned that everyone faces the same challenges when it comes to cyber security. Even companies that commit to the highest standards still struggle with the basics.

We knew that with the right technology and the right people, we could fill the gap.

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About Us

Who we are is just as important as what we can do

Serve with Integrity

At INFANGER, we hold trustworthiness and integrity as our greatest values. We strive to be the sort of professionals we would want to work with ourselves, we take pride in our work, and it shows. You can count on us.

Work-Life Balance

We work hard and our clients love us, but we work to live – not the other way around. Outages, on-call emergencies, and breaches rarely play nicely with a ‘life schedule’. To counteract this, we have flexible scheduling and generous compensatory time for work done outside normal business hours.

Be Passionate

We have strict standards for passion in our prospective colleagues. The work we do is challenging, and without a deep-rooted passion, you cannot deliver the quality we demand for our clients. Knowledge can be gained and skills can be improved, but passion must be there from the start.

Focus on Individual Success

A drive for personal development is the hallmark of a passionate person, and that’s something we will always strive to foster in both ourselves and in our clients. A rising tide raises all ships, and none of us are as smart as all of us. If we all walk our own paths to success, we can share in our victories together.

Merle Infanger
(Founder, Vigilance Lead)


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