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After assessing small warehousing outfits, huge healthcare organizations, mom and pop shops, municipalities, and financial institutions, we learned that everyone faces the same challenges when it comes to cyber security. Even companies that commit to the highest standards still struggle with the basics.

We knew that with the right technology and the right people, we could fill the gap.

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INFANGER Security Appliance

Make the Attacker Think Twice

Security efforts that take place outside the walls of your company are inherently limited, even with the best of intentions. Even the most intensive of external insight risk missing threats that are inconsistent or that occur only in the day-to-day. If that’s not enough, coordinating times to get someone on-site doesn’t always fit with your budget or the urgency of a request.


To address this and add value to our existing offerings, we’re proud to announce the release of the INFANGER Security Appliance! This appliance is available to all current and new customers as an add-on to any managed security services plan.

INFANGER Security Appliance

More insight, better vigilance, free services. Get the most from your plan with the INFANGER Security Appliance.


The INFANGER Security Appliance can be added to any INFANGER managed security services plan, granting these added benefits:

I do agree that when it comes to cyber warfare, we have more to lose than any other nation on earth.

– Edward Snowden

1. Monthly and On-Demand Internal Vulnerability Scanning

The INFANGER Security Appliance brings on-demand scanning within reach of even small environments, removing the need for our engineers to come on-site. It also increases the automated scan frequency to occur monthly, giving you unparalleled insight into your ongoing security posture.

2. Dedicated Tenancy for Metrics and Analysis

Do you have an in-house IT resource that can help you stay secure? The INFANGER Security Appliance empowers them with the same information available to our engineers, so they can correlate events on their own to reduce the need for outsourced services. It can also reduce the burden on especially slow or unstable internet connections, ensuring those resources aren’t impacted when they’re needed.

3. On-Demand Expert Assistance

Sometimes, unmanageable systems need urgent attention; storage appliances, network equipment, POS terminals, and similar, highly-specialized devices don’t fit easily into an automated security strategy. With the INFANGER Security Appliance, you have expert assistance just a phone call away, without having to wait for someone to come on-site.

One-time, $1,000 Deployment Fee

Special Offer

We want you to be secure, and nothing provides better insight than an INFANGER Cyber Vulnerability review.


New customers will receive a FREE In-Person Cyber Vulnerability review prior to onboarding, so you know where you stand and the level of risk you currently face. Our cyber vulnerability review includes:

  • Comprehensive Internal & External Nessus Vulnerability Scan
  • Active Directory Privilege Isolation & Best Practice Review
  • Sampling of Patch Level Compliance
  • Wireless Site Survey
  • Physical Security Review
  • Common Intrusion Vector Analysis
  • In-Person Findings Debrief
  • Written Report with Actionable Recommendations

Contact us to schedule your FREE, in-person cyber vulnerability review.

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Contact us to schedule your FREE, in-person cyber vulnerability review.