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A rising tide...
After assessing small warehousing outfits, huge healthcare organizations, mom and pop shops, municipalities, and financial institutions, we learned that everyone faces the same challenges when it comes to cyber security. Even companies that commit to the highest standards still struggle with the basics.

We knew that with the right technology and the right people, we could fill the gap.

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Managed Security Services

  • $ 35 host/mo
  • A strong baseline. Perfect for small and
    low-tech businesses on a budget.


    • Patching Compliance
    • Vulnerability Analysis
    • Inventory & License Management
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Next-Generation Endpoint Protection
    • Log Aggregation
    • Expert Support
    • On-Demand Security Reporting
    • MONTHLY Expert Analysis
  • $ 80 host/mo
  • Proactive threat management. Ideal for workstations
    and non-business-critical systems.


    • Everything from INSIGHT, plus:
    • >  Remediation Planning
    • >  Extended Performance Monitoring
      Network Traffic Analysis
      Anomaly Detection & Alerting
    • >  Disaster Recovery Planning
      Includes Monitoring
    • >  Annual Comprehensive Security Assessment
      In-Person – Includes Unmanaged Systems
    • >  No Incident Response Premium
    • WEEKLY Expert Analysis
  • $ 240 host/mo
  • Superior threat management for
    business-critical and high-sensitivity systems.


    • Everything from VIGILANCE, plus:
    • Monthly Automated Vulnerability Scans
      Includes Expert Review and Remediation Planning
    • Dedicated Tenancy for Security Tooling
      Including Direct Access for your IT Staff
    • Custom Performance Alerts
    • DAILY Expert Analysis

A la Carte Offerings

  • Vulnerability & Best Practice Assessment
  • From $1,249 /ea
  • Get an in-person, point-in-time snapshot of your
    threat posture, with expert advice and actionable results.


    • Tenable Nessus™ Vulnerability Scan
    • Active Directory Security Review
      Privilege Escalation
      Insecure Configuration
      Deviation from Best Practice
    • Network Segmentation Review
    • Wireless Site Assessment
      Rogue AP Detection
      Insecure Configuration
    • Workstation Security Review
    • Endpoint Protection Posture
    • External Services Security Review
  • Social Engineering
  • From $499 /ea
  • People are the weakest link in any organization.
    Increase awareness and educate your staff
    to the threats of social engineering.


    • >  Email Phishing Campaign
      General, Tailored, or Directed
    • >  Telephone Social Engineering
    • >  Physical Facility Security Review

Mix & Match To Suit Your Needs

Retail & Wholesale companies have a broad spectrum of systems to protect – from low-trust storefront kiosks to corporate office workstations and business-critical back-office servers. Combine all three plans for excellent coverage and the best value:


  • Business-Critical Servers: DETERRENCE
  • Corporate Workstations: VIGILANCE
  • Storefront Kiosks: INSIGHT


Empower your in-house IT staff with support, insight, and guidance from our industry-hardened experts. Gain valuable insight into your security posture with free monthly vulnerability reviews and on-demand security & compliance reports, and keep tabs on remediation efforts.

Low-tech manufacturers, assemblers, and production houses often have a small number of computers, which makes it difficult to justify hiring a full-time IT professional. However, computer failures and viruses can interrupt production for hours or even days, and loss of confidential customer data (like blueprints and design specifications) can severely damage your reputation. Get the expert support and unparalleled protection you need from INFANGER:


  • Corporate Workstations: VIGILANCE
  • Production Systems: INSIGHT


Our services are more thorough and lower cost than an in-house resource. Schedule your in-person vulnerability analysis and best practices review to learn where you stand.

Food service is a fast-paced and demanding environment laden with compliance and safety requirements on all sides. Security events and downtime can be devastating to your reputation and cashflow, while expensive and non-responsive support vendors can drain resources and stifle growth. Get support and protection that won’t hold you back OR break the bank.


  • Management Workstations: VIGILANCE
  • Point of Sale Systems: INSIGHT


We understand that fast-paced businesses can’t be bothered with trivialities. You need confidence that you’re being kept in the loop when things require your attention, without distractions the rest of the time. Let INFANGER watch your back.

Our INSIGHT plan is designed to be the perfect all-in-one Cyber Security solution for small businesses. Get the best value with no compromises.


  • All Workstations: INSIGHT


Get a point-in-time snapshot of your security posture up-front with a discounted security assessment. Get expert advice on how to address the highest-risk findings, and maintain strong ongoing protection from that day forward with INFANGER INSIGHT.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs, and learn how we can help!